Where I’ve Been

Where I’ve Been

Inspired by a World Map I saw Seattle’s Travels,

I decided to make this first short post about where I’ve been lucky enough to travel in my 26 years on this planet.

31 countries so far. 161 more to go.

What’s on your Wishlist?


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Jane - 16. Jan, 2012 - Reply

Did you forget we went to Alaska …via Yukon??

Mike Corey - 16. Jan, 2012 - Reply

I ended up staying at hotel to work on a paper that day. It was a bad choice, I should have went on the roadtrip!

Lindsey - 09. Feb, 2012 - Reply

Hey Mike — thanks for sharing your 80 Day Montage of your trip around the world! Extremely inspirational, so much so I covered it on my blog! Thank you!

Mike Corey - 13. Mar, 2012 - Reply

Awesome. Means a lot Lindsey. I’ll check it out and post it on my page!

Kat Carney - 15. Mar, 2012 - Reply

Great website Mike! Really cool to see a map of everywhere you have been. I almost all of the states in the US covered and a lot of Europe, but I have yet to make it to the Eastern Hemisphere. Soon, very soon!

Jordan Tibbo - 30. Apr, 2012 - Reply

Dude…………… Nevada.

Samuel Jeffery - 19. Jun, 2013 - Reply

That’s a really cool interactive travel map. Off the top of my head I’ve been to roughly 30 countries as well. I suppose if this was really an important consideration in my travels, I ought to stop bumming around in Asia and head over to Europe where it would be really easy to rack them up.

yvonne akry - 28. Nov, 2013 - Reply

amazing tour. good for you.

have you been in Antarctica?

have you been in the sahara desert?

Jessica - 28. Nov, 2013 - Reply

Traveling allows us to truly live and experience this world! Keep up the great work! I’m happy to continue my travels throughout the next 9 months!

María Júlía Ólafsdóttir - 01. Dec, 2013 - Reply

HI 😀 My name is Maria. I am 15 and I live in Iceland. You inspire me a lot and i wanna be just
like you when i grow older! i just wanna ask you about your job 🙂
Here are those questions:
Do you get paid for making videos and being a photographer ?
How did you get this job ?
How old where you when you got it ?
is this job hard ?
I think these are all the questions I want to ask you for now 🙂

chantalmcculligh - 07. Dec, 2013 - Reply

Give us more! Can’t wait to see everything on here. Site looks awesome.

kenneth - 08. Feb, 2014 - Reply

Hi Mike I always watch your trip in youtube, its wonderful. I have a suggestion for the your travel, I been there and its really amazing so you should travel Mongolia. tHANKS kENNETH

Ghazal - 19. Jun, 2014 - Reply

Hello mike best

Ghazal - 19. Jun, 2014 - Reply

Hi mike what should I do want like you find around the word

ajaynehra - 19. Jun, 2014 - Reply

my wishlist
1. shoot a video with my favourite travel videographer mike corey

Julian Carson - 12. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Amazing tour. Truly awesome. Have you been to India? Kerala is a wonderful place in India which you should visit.