Basilicata: The Strength of Tradition

Basilicata: The Strength of Tradition

This video takes you on a trip through the province of Basilicata in Southern Italy, where food, wine and hospitality are plentiful. Some filmmaking friends travelled through this hidden part of the country, with hopes to capture what makes this place so beautiful. I believe we found it.


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Kat - 19. Feb, 2013 - Reply

Really enjoyed the new video!

Adam - 23. Apr, 2014 - Reply

Stellar video man. Love the site!

Linda Bennett - 24. Apr, 2014 - Reply

loved your video and it made me smile. I hope to go to Italy next year and really get a feel for the country and how it connects with us in the UK. I do feel that we have a strong connection with Italy due to the Romans having lived here and imbued us with their culture and left so many artefacts to aid us in our discoveries on how they lived. good Luck with your future explorations. Linda

Joanna Kuo - 01. Jun, 2014 - Reply

Hi, I really like this video and background music, is this music copyright protected ? If so where should I ask for license of use ?