Coastal Secrets and Rocky Beaches

Coastal Secrets and Rocky Beaches

I may have been 4200km from home, but hopping boulder to boulder, dodging tides, and examining tide pools reminds me of being back on Canada’s East Coast.
I like my fish raw, my showers cold, and my beaches rocky. The island resort of Isla Palenque had no shortage of coastline to explore, and even had a few hidden secrets to share.

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Luca - 14. Aug, 2012 - Reply

My most life changing trvael experience was last year, one year out of college. In the hot month of July and with the little savings I had from my part-time job, I flew overseas for the first time (ever on a plane and on a trip of such a scope) from Texas to the east of France to a little town called Morteau. According to the local couple whose home I visited my first week, Morteau was never visited by an American. This place was famous for its regional sausage and the view of mountains. To explain my visit, I was there mostly to spend an entire month with the love of my life. Absolutely life changing! I think anyone who trvaels to Europe will say this, but more so for me because I was the city kid in the mountains. It was really like a movie. Sure, the craved out mountains outside my window were stunning and Switzerland was sweet in the summer. But it was the little things that got me like the dairy and meat out all day in the little shops and the toilets in another room at every single flat I visited. The round “o” and the throaty “r” of the language made me listen more carefully and everything was an experience! It is exactly what trvael is for. I was opening my life and mind to things I didn’t connect with before. Right now, my boyfriend is here visiting Texas for me. It’s difficult to visit each other, because of how expensive the flights are. I hope by winning this contest that I can go back and visit my boy again in his home country of France and continue to explore and trvael.

Natalie - 16. Aug, 2012 - Reply

You can see the gentle breezes in this video…I cant wait for a long time to visit this place…I think its hard to walk in a rocky beach..