La Tomatina – The World’s Biggest Food Fight

La Tomatina – The World’s Biggest Food Fight

What does taking a tomato to the side of the head from 1 meter away feel like?…. A bit fun actually, but only after letting out a few 4 letter words from the impact. This is La Tomatina – the world’s biggest food fight!Every year on the last Wednesday of August, the small town of Buñol, Spain brace for impact as 40 000 people flood the streets and prep themselves for a bath in tomato pomace.

If you’re looking for all the details, I recently wrote A Beginner’s Guide to La Tomatina for my friends at Flight Centre Canada. The post has all the important information on getting there, what to bring, and what to expect, etc. Make sure you jump over there and check out the blog post if you’d like to attend.

In the meantime, enjoy the video and watch me taste some tomato-y karma as a girl smashes a tomato in my mouth after I mush one on her head.

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