Swimming with Pigs

Swimming with Pigs

Swimming Pigs… Cute little farm animal or sinister marine predator? You can decide, but I would hate to be a head of lettuce stranded at sea in the Bahamas. Check out the swimming pigs of Pig Island in Exuma!

There is an island in Exuma that goes by names, but officially is called Big Major Cay. Out of the 350+ islands in the Bahamas, this is the only one inhabited solely by pigs. The story behind the arrival of these strange castaways varies, but they’ve continued their survival by swimming out to passing boats and being fed. On this island, if you wish, you can fufill your lifelong desire of swimming with pigs.

I don’t know how they manage to propel those tubby bodies so fast with legs shaped like pool cues, nor could I resist jumping in the water and enjoying the fun. My partner in crime featured in the video was the awesome travel blogger Will McGough, you’ll see us at the end sprinting across the beach with a bag of lettuce. Also, big ups to TripFilms for sending us. If you’re a travel video blogger, start posting some content there. Enjoy!

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Michele Peterson - 30. Mar, 2012 - Reply

Swimming with dolphins is a pale second to swimming with pigs! A few of them look like they could use a shot of suntan lotion after their beach time

Mike Corey - 15. Jul, 2013 - Reply

Haha I’d say! Let’s launch a kickstarter project to get some sunscreen on those pigs?

Lesley Peterson - 07. Apr, 2012 - Reply

I can’t get enough of this video! Cute – and fit! – piggies and great music, too.

Mike Corey - 15. Jul, 2013 - Reply

Thanks! Thought I’d go for some beachy tunes. Glad you liked it 🙂

Ava Fredericks - 13. Feb, 2013 - Reply

This is so AWESOME!! But how did you get to the Exuma Cays? I’m flying into Nassau next month, did u take a ferry or fishing expe?

Mike Corey - 15. Jul, 2013 - Reply

We flew to Exuma and then took a tour. It was a pretty great day actually… Swimming with Sharks and Pigs, Cold drinks on island bars, and beautiful water!

Roland - 07. Jun, 2014 - Reply

What an amusing video, and look how pigs are! They are beautiful and missused in this world!!

[…] This video has to be one of the coolest things ever. I had no clue that this even existed until I stumbled upon this video of pigs swimming in the Exuma, Bahamas. I found this video on a website called Kick the Grind TV that was made by a guy named Mike Corey and absolutely fell in love with it right away. When I first watched it I could not believe my eyes on how cute and awesome these pigs are. I have always wanted to go swimming with dolphins but I have to say that swimming with pigs has taken priority over that. Going to Exuma, Bahamas is now moved into one of my next 5 travel destinations and before long I will be swimming with these cute little guys. I hoped you enjoyed this video and for more pigs you can see Mike’s original post here. […]

Kevin - 03. Jul, 2014 - Reply

Swimming with pigs! Dolphins don’t have anything on this. But I really don’t know how I am only finding out about this now but glad I am. Loved the video and I added it on my site as a blog post today!

I can’t wait to got hit up the Bahamas now and see these guys in action!