Travel the World in 80 Days: A Video Montage

Travel the World in 80 Days: A Video Montage

11 countries, 35 flights, 500GB of video and a few thank you’s all crammed into 4 minutes. To be able to travel the world on my own agenda changed my life. Hopefully this montage will instill some restlessness in your soul  and inspire you to do the same.A dream comes true. I’ve been wanting to see the world since I was young. The idea of the unknown, the different, and the unexplored has always been an interest of mine. Winning the contest Travel the World in 80 days hosted by Cathay Pacific Airways was my opportunity to do just that; to push into some of the more daring places of our world, camera in hand.

This video begins with a thank you to those who followed me along my journey, and then continues into a montage of my adventures during those 3 months on the road. All the likes, comments and encouragement meant so much to me. This one goes out to all of you, the ones who helped me travel the world.

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Nikki Wynn - 21. Jan, 2012 - Reply

What an awesome opportunity to be able to go around the country and do all of those amazing things. We made a montage of our own travels in the U.S. so far. Check it out!

Julia - 23. Feb, 2012 - Reply

Congratulations! What a great video!

Mike Corey - 13. Mar, 2012 - Reply

Thanks for the Love. Wait until this summer… version 2.0 will be coming out. It will be epic.

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